Have you ever noticed that when someone appears in your life, you feel a special, immediate connection and attraction? Therefore, right from the moment you met, you felt like you already know that person.

Don’t question what you’ve experienced. There is a possibility that you have been lovers in a past life and cared profoundly about each other.

Feelings like these seem to occur most often in the early stages of the relationship. You know each other’s interests and dislikes, you are sure about what they are going to say, and you know there is a connection beyond the physical.

From personal experience, you can even have the same dreams while the two of you are sleeping.

However, you may not feel like you know each other instantly. And that is all right too; they can occur later in the relationship.

There are situations when you just feel that your partner is in danger or upset.  The accurate term here is instinct. Those who naturally know things are using their inner intuition. We all have this ability, but it lies hidden. The instinct is present right away for those who have embarked their spiritual path. However, it takes longer for others to discover it themselves.

No matter the situation, the important thing is that you have known your partner a lot longer than you may think.

Past Life Partners Reconnected and Intertwined

Do you feel that you and your partner have known each other in a past life? There are signs that you can watch out for.

One hint is that both of you have an interest in a certain part of history. Or perhaps you and your partner are having the same dreams connected to things that would otherwise be considered as insignificant to your life.

There are certain things that happen when we meet someone with whom we shared a past life. For instance, our minds start to connect on a deeper level.

You can also relate on a psychic level even before meeting. This happens because our higher self is oriented to seek the best of life and is constantly on the quest for good energies.

A good example for this is when two people meet online and connect without a physical interaction. Just like radios; they have a particular frequency. Therefore, someone else might have the same frequency as you.

You haven’t met this person you are interacting with, but you are conscious of the feeling of undefined vacancy in your world.

Can you know your past life partner?

Intuition plays a key role in knowing your past life partner.

It can be described as a spiritual sense; it is not present within our conscious mind like the other senses. However, it exists within our subconscious body. It is deeply connected with the Third Eye chakra.

The moment you meet your partner from the past life, there will be a feeling of remembrance between your spirits. You know each other on a strong, intimate basis, and that’s just how it feels.

However, we humans are all so deeply in tune to our physical senses. Therefore, we question what we feel deep down to be real, because it doesn’t suit what we’ve been taught to believe through physical life.

This is the reason why uncertainty is the dominant feeling in these cases. There is a difference between what you know spiritually and what you know logically, so you are not sure what to believe in.

The reality is, believing in both sides of the coin is not wrong.

The person you’ve met is not practically the same one you’ve cared about in your past life. They were born again, like you, and lived a brand new life and a new physical way of being.

Yet on the inside, on a spiritual level, you are deeply connected.

This isn’t really about understanding the person, but more about understanding their essence. The same applies in the other direction as well – they understand the essence of your being while they don’t (yet) know you as an individual.

This is why past life partners are reappearing in people’s lives. These deep connections continue through reincarnation and form an important part of our life path.

You can consider them your soulmates; you are in the same soul group. These are a unique group of people with whom you share an everlasting bond. They appear in your life and help you overcome the difficulties of living as a spiritual-physical entity.

So, they always show up, for everyone. The key is to recognize them when they do that.

If you’re looking for a previous life partner or a lover, you don’t need to look far and wide for them.

You can just go on with your life, and if you get a feeling to look at a certain spot at a certain moment, you can simply follow your instincts.

In this situation, your instincts lead you to experiences and individuals that will be significant. And it will, again and again, bring you together with the people with whom you share this most special bond.

Your Psychic Intuition (Past Life Lovers)

The instinct can be described as your psychic antenna for sending and receiving messages. These signals can be unclear at the beginning, but they are the basis for a greater understanding.

People that have this feeling that they’ve met someone before, typically happen at the first encounter. The air surrounding you is filled with psychic conversation.

It’s simpler to grasp if you accept reincarnation. Reincarnation helps you encounter an unlimited number of souls on your journey. Essentially, you are infinity living a physical life.

You’re resurrected a number of times.

Signs You Need to Keep an Eye On

If you’re seeking to figure out if someone you’ve met is your past life lover, then you can check if any of these signs appear to be true.

Immediate Connection

You realize, as soon as you see them, you have a profound bond that has been there for a long time.

The “get to know you” phase is not needed, or it lasts very shortly. You just fall into an intimate friendship or relationship.


Almost all people know how to surprise us. But that is not the case with past life lovers – you already know exactly how they will behave in any given situation.

You’ve been with them for so long in past lives that you naturally predict every step they’re going to make (sometimes even before them).

Undying Connection

Most of the times, time and distance can easily weaken a relationship. When you don’t see each other or talk to each other every day, you feel less attached to each other.

You feel disconnected when you catch up again. But not with you past life lover– no matter how much time has passed, you still have the same bond.

And besides, the relationship has lasted lifetimes, so a couple of months or years are not going to ruin the grand scheme of things.

Feels Like Home

You know the cozy feeling you get when you’re at home, away from the stresses of the world, and actually able to be fully comfortable? That’s what it feels like to be with them.

You belong there, in the same place in the universe that was created especially for you.

Same memories

There will be moments when both of you will remember things that probably never happened if you think about it. Is there an explanation for this? Well, it’s because those memories are not from this life. You are remembering a memory of your past life together.

Treasure these memories; they are a connection to the past that is engraved on both of your souls.

Willing to share

Often we can all be a little narcissistic, feeling a sense of control over our own things. Although we don’t have a problem sharing something with people even if we don’t want to, we can’t help but feel a little unhappy.

This doesn’t happen with past life lovers! When it comes to them, you are willing to share everything. After all, they’re going to return the favor as well.

Time Flies

Time flies when you are enjoying the moment, and what’s more to enjoy than being with a soulmate? The older you get, they say, the faster time appears to pass.

This is accurate, because when the two of you are together, you become old souls again. Therefore time has a tendency to pass at a much quicker speed.

Strong Emotions

Not only can you have stronger emotions around them, but you’re able to be sentimental with them without fear of humiliation or any unpleasant feelings.

You are able to show your true colors without being judged.

Don’t Be Scared to Be Yourself

Ultimately, feel free to be yourself with them. You know they’re not going to criticize you and you know that underneath it all, they love every part of you.

You’re not going to confuse them, you’re not going to throw them off, and you’re not going to scare them away. After all, there is an important reason they keep coming back to your life!



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