We, people, are simple. The thing we want the most is to love and be loved. There will be a lot of kinds of relationships in our lifetime, with one purpose to find the right one. The journey is not easy; we will love, deal with challenges, and get hurt. Karmic relationships help us learn the most about this.

Sure, we all wish our current relationships to be the last. Therefore, we want the love to last forever.

When being in a relationship, we always hope that our partner will stick to us for a lifetime. But, this hope can be misleading.

It can make us ignore the red flags, overlook toxic habits and important problems.

Therefore, we can fully understand how bad a relationship was only after it is over.

What is a karmic relationship?

Usually, the first relationship we have is a karmic one. These relationships happen very fast, and their impact is quite significant. Therefore, they are not supposed to last.

Karmic partners are brought to our lives as lessons that we have not experienced in our past lifetimes. They will replicate the problems we’ve had in the past until we’re able to fix them.

After our souls resolve the unfinished business, the relationship will come to an end.

The most important purpose of a karmic relationship is to make us a better person and then vanish. Karmic relationships are not meant to work out.

The difference between Karmic and Twin Flame & Soulmate Relationships

Sometimes we feel like we cannot get over our karmic partners, and that is because we believe they might be our soul mate or twin flame.

When in love, we seem to put our partner on a pedestal, while creating an impression of them that reflect the values of our souls.

However, sooner or later, we will understand that a karmic partner is just a karmic partner. We should not confuse it with a soulmate or twin flame. These two have different lessons we need to learn. They are most aligned with our soul, but they are far from perfect, as many challenges will be brought to us.

But, they will be gentle when doing that, while karmic partners will be really tough with their ways. They can be very damaging when it comes to dealing with the relationship.

Although a soulmate is an ideal partner for your soul, a twin flame is truly a match made in heaven. Twin flame connections are the peak of intimate relationships.

Since we all come from one soul origin that has been divided over time, meeting the other half here on earth is the greatest thing that can happen to you. Not everybody comes across their twin flame.

Maybe you are thinking, can a karmic relationship shift to a higher form? Can it be a twin flame or a soulmate? The answer is simply no.

A karmic partner is sent on a different course, and therefore the approach is not the same.

You cannot transition to a soulmate, or a twin flame. You just are.

8 Signs of a Karmic Relationship

If you think that you are in a karmic relationship right now, keep reading to learn more about the most common signs.

1. They don’t value boundaries

Karmic partners tend not to pay attention to your boundaries. You might have shared some uncomfortable stuff with them, but they’re simply going to ignore your pleas.

This is extremely valid when it comes to intimacy. Their interests will always be before yours. You’re in a karmic relationship if your role is a giver, and you get nothing in return.

In addition, the boundaries are viewed as vulnerabilities. They will try to manipulate you and tell you that you’re either looking for an excuse or that you’re not investing yourself enough in the relationship.

2. They depend on you

Selfishness is the main trait of karmic partners. They are not going to treat you as an equal partner, but rather a tool for their own benefit. You will always have to do something for them.

They are lazy, and want you to be of their service, while they do nothing in the relationship.

You may assume at some point that this is some kind of power imposed on you. You may feel like you’re going to call the shots in the relationship. In fact, it’s just that you’re someone’s assistant.

3. The bond between you is electrifying but temporary

An instant bond with your partner is one of the features of a karmic relationship.

Can you remember the first time you met your partner?

It must’ve been electrifying. And you can’t remember how it happened, but you were automatically drawn to them right away.

These kinds of relationships are very exciting at the beginning. Everything will be great at first, but then your partner will eventually show their true self.

They have control over you, and that is why you continue to stay, even though the bond is gone forever.

4. You are weirdly addicted to them

No matter how horrible it is, you can’t seem to leave. Your mind knows the best thing to do, however, your heart wants you to give them a hundredth chance.

Your friends and family might warn you that your relationship is terrible for you. You completely agree with them.

However, karmic relationships are one of the toughest to get away from.

5. They arouse your fears

The negativity in a karmic bond will certainly trigger your worries and fears. It can even lead to a long sitting trauma that you’ll need to deal with.

Since your partner has no concern for your emotions, they might (un)intentionally stimulate a lot of your fears.

This can vary from your fear of being alone to previous painful events that you thought you had dealt with.

6. On and off relationship

Another important karmic relationship sign is the on and off nature. Your whole connection with a karmic partner will always be chaotic.

You’re going to feel a persistent push and pull regarding a lot of things between you.

Sometimes you will feel like you are able to let go, only to find yourself going back to them.

Leaving a karmic relationships requires a lot of courage and self-restraint.

7. They hold control over you

Is your partner in control? A karmic partner is always going to find a way to dominate over you.

This can come in the form of indirect comments or full-blown warnings. You’re never able to wear the things you want or to hang out with whatever friends you like.

There is also no agreement here. If you’ve been in a karmic relationship for so long, odds are you’ve already established a habit of always saying “yes”.

To avoid tension, you agree with the things your partner wants. You lose all your independence and your dignity along the way.

8. They’re stubborn

Karmic partners are very obstinate. They’re not willing to improve their ways and think they’re always correct.

They don’t consider you as equal. Therefore, they feel like they should make all of the decisions in the relationship.

Your words sometimes fall on deaf ears.

There will be moments where they will understand that you are right, but their ego will keep them from doing anything about it.

How to handle a Karmic Relationship

As cruel as it might sound, you may want your karmic relationship to run spontaneously on its own path.

This, of course, does not mean that you accept the toxicity that places you at risk. It just indicates that you found your karmic partner because you needed to fix a problem of your soul from your past life.

It’s a very essential part of your journey.

A karmic relationship can be viewed from the perspective of self-growth and development. Besides, any kind of relationship has its own obstacles to conquer, including with your soulmate or twin flame.

However, you have to note that karmic relationships are supposed to end.

Don’t hold onto it when it stops serving its purpose. Otherwise, it may cause damage that overshadows the lessons it taught you. That’s why it’s essential to be in sync with what your soul needs.

Listen to what you true self so wants. In the end, ask for divine assistance. You’ll know it when it’s time to let go of it. Are you currently, or was in a karmic relationship? We would love to hear your stories! Post them in the comments below.



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