The divine energy present in higher dimensions usually takes the form of light beings. They are often found in the fifth realm and above.

High energy is always present with them, much like the energy of the sun. Typically, light beings interact with us in order to send us information. The energy exchange is giving us eons of psychic layers.

Many of the ascended masters are between us, and they are light beings in disguise. The Siddhas from the Himalayas are a great example of this kind of light beings. They are eternal, ageless creatures that live and die of their own will.

In order to enhance Earth’s vibration, they have been meditating for a long time. Their nature allows them to transform from a physical entity to light by materializing and dematerializing their bodies whenever they want.

Communicating with Light Beings

Communication with light beings and other celestial beings happens by telepathy. Therefore, their consciousness is in the etheric reality because they are present in a higher realm.

So, the transference happens by thought. However, on Earth, or realms beyond the third, consciousness is in the physical dimension, and interaction takes place by speaking and writing.

If you want to communicate with light beings, you need to increase your vibrations. Having an activated Third Eye Chakra also helps with transference by thought. We present you 3 ways for humans to interact with such light beings:


As you may already know, intention plays a big role when we want something to manifest. Therefore, you can make a strong intention before going to sleep and ask them to establish a connection with you.


Meditation raises your level of vibration. When you enter the state of the delta, you will be able to connect with higher beings.

Astral Travel

Astral planes are where light beings can be reached. Begin your astral travel, and set your intention to communicate with a light being.

Reports of Contact Have Increased

As our collective consciousness experiences energy enhancements, interaction with higher beings will become more common. People are now more aware of the higher realms, and even Hollywood happens to be very interested. There have been several reports of communication between humans and higher energy beings. Metaphysical is now more conscious of the invisible.

Healers and mediums also transmit information from light beings. They are generally linked to love, prosperity, and harmony. The guiding principle seems to tell us that we need to give up lower levels of consciousness where there are obstacles and negativity. And direct our energies to compassion and love. Gratefulness and forgiveness will show us the way.

Earthly and Celestial Light Beings

Although there are masters on earth, including the Siddhas, who are light beings, many others can be found across the universe. If you refer to the Bible, the stars are described as angel beings even there. Aliens might just as well be light entities that are pure light energy in a humanoid shape.

All light beings want to help us, humans, and we need to grow spiritually. These higher dimensional entities continue to communicate with us, wanting to show us the light. Therefore, they want us to move forward as a collective.

Our minds have to accept other realms outside our own. Changes in our genes will come with awakening. Through generations of such altered humans, we will eventually be able to grow as a collective.

The increased collective consciousness can contribute to the awakening of the population. Only then we can be on our way to ascend to a higher realm. Are you prepared for ascension?



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