We, humans, are torn between discovering one’s purpose and transcending one’s mistakes. Therefore, we can be easily be led into a position where we are not able to step beyond the limits in front of us. Strayed, we can be subjected to the nearly insurmountable number of processes and forces before us, forever straining us just as the rock defined the fate of Sisyphus.

However, by being able to use the force of positivity, even one can find significance in such a horrible situation. And like Sisyphus was able to see the one moment when he is above the rock, our experiences will determine for us whether or not we will find meaning in our hardships. If we learn to see the good in life through the little victories, we will bring positive energy to ourselves. This habit can help us become fortified from the inside.

With this internal fortification, all external difficulties become opportunities for development. Cultivating this positive way of thinking, we will learn instead of struggle from the obstacles that we face in our lives. Focusing on the good things and positive energy, we level-up and better ourselves in the process.

But while this is a positive idea, at least on the theoretical level, what can we do to make it happen? In order to get a better understanding, we’re going to take a two-pronged approach – one on the basis of positive energy and the other on practical advice on how to do it.

How to Harness Positive Energy

1. Be conscious of your thoughts

In the midst of a world where almost everything is linked, it is easy for us to be overwhelmed and stuck in the chaos of uncertainty and conflict. Nowadays, social platforms are capable of linking nearly everything that there is. Therefore, the overwhelming amount of unnecessary information and data that is being thrown at us can distract us from what truly matters.

As such, people have reacted to this occurrence by trying to be more aware. So, the first step would be for us to strive to be mindful. But, how can we define mindfulness, and how does it lead to positivity?

In order to take make use of positivity, mindfulness is usually the first step, and it is a practical way of being able to figure things out. Mindfulness, as a form of internal meditation, is the active way to do it. After all, your acts are formed solely in your infinite imagination, which, if you do not evaluate correctly, would be loaded with the wrong things.

2. Let go of all types of negativity

The law of karma works both ways, contrary to common belief. What you’re giving is what you’re getting, which is why when you’re giving out positive thoughts and deeds, people around you will return the same kind of energy. However, when you start sending out negativity, that’s what you get as well.

For example, imagine someone who is angry at another person. Although the offender is not really concerned with it, the one offended might cultivate hate in their hearts for a mistake or two. Looking at both of them, which one is holding more trouble?

If you wish to attract positivity in your life, it is important to remember that letting go of such negativity is a crucial step in moving forward. As the Buddhist teachings say, it is always better for you to let go and not allow yourself to be influenced by such emotions.

When we manage to break the bonds that tie us to negativity, we encourage ourselves to be a fertile land. Instead of one that is filled with weeds, our soil is now able to be planted with seeds of positivity, which makes us flourish instead of running around in circles.

Therefore, you should not let this core thought pass through you if you want to feel free and be a better version of yourself. And besides, this is the only way to move properly to the next move in this process.

3. Develop a positive attitude

Easier said than done, developing a positive mindset is the next move in this process. Considering that we now have a fertile soil to plant, timing is key. Although we are able to consciously eliminate negative emotions and be mindful of what comes in and out, all these actions are useless without clear guidance and consistency.

For example, while your goal may be becoming fit (which is a good thing), the preparatory steps are to be mindful of what you eat (mindfulness) and eliminate bad behaviors (removal of negativity). But more often than not, people who aspire to be improved versions of themselves are lost after the first two points. Mindfulness and removal of negativity only prepares the ground for the goal. Without turning positive thoughts into practice, our motivation will quickly be drained, bringing us back to our old ways.

If we struggle to be consistent and firm in our priorities and directions, the once productive soil that we have created will be polluted again. As such, once again, our progression towards positivity will be stopped as we lose energy along the way.

However, to make sure you have the results you expect, you need to realize that time is the key in doing this. And no, I’m not suggesting that you can just rush things out. But, being mindful of its effect will have a significant role in whether or not you can implement positivity into your system.

4. Be mindful of who you spend your time with

As the old saying goes, birds of the same feather are going to flock together. While this is not 100 % accurate, there is still a fair probability that people around you can affect your life decisions.

Much like going through the thoughts and concepts that you allow in your mind, knowing the type of people you usually have around you is just the same. It would be more difficult for you to channel the force of positivity if you stick around negative people. And if you’re an optimist, keeping them by your side can change the way you think.

For example, hanging out with people who are always complaining about life might unintentionally stress you. When you hear them talk about nothing but their issues, those toxic feelings will be passed on to you, afflicting your subconscious thoughts. Therefore, you wonder why you experience this and that, until you understand that it’s all because of the people around you.

Just as we are mindful of what we hear and watch on TV, being with the wrong people will inevitably take its toll. If you ever want to unleash the power of positivity, you have to get rid of this invisible drug, since it is a big obstacle that you sometimes struggle to recognize in your life.

5. Don’t forget about nature

Contrary to common belief, harnessing positivity is not simply an intellectual practice. So although much of the concepts mentioned here are about getting the right mindset, positivity is something that is often achieved externally through nature.

When we feel stuck by all the technologies surrounding us, it is often impossible to find positivity. Spending a lot of hours in the workplace can exhaust you in countless ways, such as merely hearing the clock ticking is enough to annoy your inner self.

Compare this, for example, with people who go on a hiking trip on a regular basis. Listening to their trekking experiences of a stick bug crawling over them would either fascinate you or freak you out. In both ways, you feel the loneliness, as though you were a son or a daughter who was separated from their mother.

In fact, we are all nature’s children. And when we get so caught up in our own devices, it is normal for us to experience this kind of disconnection. If we really want not only to feel positively, but also to behave as such, the right decision would be to spend time with Mother Nature’s creations for us.

6. Allow divine energy to enter into you

Ultimately, taking advantage of the power of positive energy also means that we must reach beyond nature and ourselves. And besides, the power of positivity is what makes it possible for all to exist. In the lack of this power, we all fail to be “something.” Instead, we become “nothing.”

When we don’t have something in life, we have the feeling of nothingness. The loss of a loved one will lead to such emptiness in our souls, and that can lead us to make more mistakes along the way.

But as we acknowledge that we are not completely in charge of our lives, we understand that there are moments in which we have to surrender to higher forces. Doing so will enable us to understand the very meaning of harnessing positivity — allowing divine forces inside.

Besides, negativity does not occur only because we are disconnected from Mother Nature. Instead, we break our bonds with the root of all that there is, assuming that we can do it on our own. And, that is the moment when we carry the weight of the universe on our shoulders.

Like Atlas, who was compelled to carry the world on his own, its weight might be a lot for us, preventing our inner selves from harnessing the real positive energy that circulates throughout the universe.


Through these essential tips, we hope we’ve given you life-changing directions to enhance your ability to channel the power of positivity. By implementing these elements into how you live your life, you can change the path from negativity to something that can bring you more pleasure and satisfaction in life.

But note, the point is to make sure that the actions are consistent. Although these tips will help you overcome your difficulties and see them as opportunities for change, being unable to manage them will make everything pointless.

As such, you can only fully channel the power of positivity by making it part of your routine, and doing so without the need to worry about why and how. Like a heart that beats to circulate blood, your mind should unintentionally breathe positivity.


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